Monday, November 25, 2019

Questions the benefits of class room computers essays

Questions the benefits of class room computers essays Do computers really connect children to the world? argues the Alliance for Childhood (AFC) in the article Questions the Benefits of Classroom Computers. In this Article the author, Joanne Jacobs mainly speaks about the impact of computers on children today and also debates on whether computers are really good or bad for children. Children need more time to explore the real world, interact with people, and play with their friends than to sit inside a room and play on the computer. In fact, many schools have allocated more percentage of the budget towards buying computer and Internet access than buying books, apparatus for the laboratories and science experiments, which may help a kid to learn more. The AFC feels that the money could be spent to improve the school garden, organize camps and field trips etc. The author thinks that the money spent on technology could be better spent to train teachers to use effective reading and math programs and also to hire after-school instructors for struggling students. Also Computers actually connect children to trivial games, inappropriate adult materials and aggressive advertising. Therefore, computers do more harm than good to a child. Children do not have the mature mind to judge what is good or bad, they can easily be attracted to more bad things than good. In my opinion, I totally agree with the article and the impact of computers on the world. I do not think that computers connect children to the real world. Children are often in a dreamland where computers rule their mind. In todays technological world, computers are used in almost every field. They can be found everywhere (home, office, school, etc).. They have become an important part of our daily life. There is atleast one computer in almost every home in the United States of America. This gives children more access to computers. The first thing that attracts children to a computer are the computer games. I...

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