Saturday, February 1, 2020

Is current UK IT law relevant when applied to the cloud computing Dissertation

Is current UK IT law relevant when applied to the cloud computing - Dissertation Example Make recommendations as to how users of the cloud should approach the problem and recommendations for future change to the legislation. 4. The Main Deliverable(s): A critique of current IT law when it applies to cloud computing. A review of how cloud computing or will change the legal context for IT operations management. A set of recommendation for cloud computing users and suggested updates to UK IT law to deal with the problems that come from cloud computing. 5. The Target Audience for the Deliverable(s): Potential users of cloud computing IT legislators 6. The Work to be undertaken: In this research essay, I would concentrate on the following: How to use the services of CSPs without infringing the UK’s laws like Data Protection Act, etc. What are all the safeguards and protection mechanism to be undertaken while using CSP services? Recommendations to initiate adequate measures to safekeeping the data while they are stored with CSPs who are located outside UK jurisdiction. 7. Additional Information / Knowledge Required: The researcher should have additional knowledge on USA Patriot Act if UK companies want to use cloud services offered by US based companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Google Inc. Besides UK laws, the researcher should have extensive knowledge on European Data Protection Directive, intellectual property laws, contracts act, Criminal Procedure and Investigation Act, 1996 (CPIA, 1996) and so on. 8. Information Sources that Provide a Context for the Project: The information and data have been sourced for this project from previous empirical studies, peer viewed journals, books written on the subject on the subject by eminent authors, from online sources, and from sources available from the online libraries. 9. The Importance of the Project: Availing the services of a cloud service contractor and having lost the control over the data processing is an issue relating with security. The problems that emanate from the infringement of the data d emonstrate the confronts that the cloud customers witness when things go haphazard in the cloud atmosphere. Making an in-depth analysis of the risks associated is vital before venturing into the use of the service of a CSP and if the risks are controllable, managing them through incorporating appropriate clauses in the contract. Businesses should exercise more vigil and should not opt for cloud computing purely on the cost basis by ceding poignant control over their data, which may land them later for data infringement offences later. Further, by encrypting the data, business can adhere with residency and jurisdictional needs by maintaining the encryption keys within its jurisdiction in spite of the actual physical placement of the data. 10. The Key Challenge(s) to be overcome: The boiler plate CSP contract should be replaced by an authorised contract for CSP contracts which should have the following clauses: the security of the data of the business to be guaranteed by the cloud com puting service provider; the cloud service provider (CSP) should use data only for the purpose mentioned in the contract, and he should be held accountable if the data is either misused or for non-business purposes: the data handler to inform to the data owner immediately if there is any breach of data or security so as to take immediate precautionary steps by the service

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